Evil Rising

What happens when you see evil, hear evil and speak of evil?  What happens when it notices and thinks you gave it permission to enter, infect and corrupt every part of your life?

Three seemingly ordinary high school students are about to go off to college, but all that is about to change.  Clint has a darkness inside him.  Sarah has a long-buried secret.  Ned is loyal to both his friends.  The darkness manifests when Clint purchases a car.  Not just any car.  A blood-red 1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS.  His birthright.  His rite of passage.

Mysterious voices whisper to Clint, speaking of destiny and blood.  And he can do things…  Evil things.  Demonic things.  But he was raised as a human, and he still feels human emotions, instincts and desires.  Can he suppress these and become a fully-fledged demon?

Sarah and Ned are afraid for Clint and, believing his odd behaviour was set in motion by the Camaro, they delve into the car’s history and uncover a series of disturbed, damaged and deranged young owners, a trail of murders, disappearances and unsolved cases.  No one comes into contact with this car and comes away unscathed.  They’re marked.

What destiny awaits Clint and his childhood friends?  Will Clint’s demon side win out when darkness threatens to swallow them up?  Evil rising…

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